Current Activities

POTAC’s current activities include:

  1. Dissemination of information to mental health OTs via a quarterly newsletter, an e-mail network, the POTAC Web site, and publication of POTAC presentations, trainings and symposia in state OT publications.
  2. Sharing information about employment opportunities via the POTAC Newsletter and e-list.
  3. Sponsoring trainings, lectures, roundtable discussions, and research outcomes through Friday Forums and annual symposia.
  4. Collaboration with OTAC and AOTA on educational projects, conference presentations, and publications such as OT in Mental Health, the Mental Health Special Interest Section Quarterly, and OT Practice.
  5. Encouragement of members’ active participation in OTAC through involvement with the Practice Committee and the AOTA Mental Health Special Interest Section.
  6. Developing partnerships with other professional groups such as the local chapter of the NAMI; USPRA; and CCMH.
  7. Collaborating with local universities to encourage students to consider mental health careers, and to encourage OTR to participate in continuing and graduate education, as well as to work as mentors and fieldwork supervisors.
  8. Encouraging more OT research, and the dissemination of research outcomes through publication in OT and non-OT journals and speaking in professional and community settings.
  9. Encouragement of participation in the political process to advocate for consumers and provision of mental health services.
  10. The development of the Kim Aspelund Scholarship to assist OT students who are involved in internships in mental health settings.

Current membership is $15 a year, which includes the POTAC Newsletter.