POTAC statement on US Capital Riots

The attack on the United States Capitol has no place in our country or in mental health occupational therapy. The events that took place caused physical and mental/emotional harm both to those who were present and those watching. POTAC upholds the values for trauma informed care, and acknowledges that attacks on our democracy and acts of white supremacy can traumatize or re-traumatize others, especially our BIPOC community. The AOTA Code of Ethics (2020) states that occupational therapy practitioners shall “not engage in actions that are uncivil, intimidating, or bullying or that contribute to violence (p. 26).”

The Psychiatric Occupational Therapy Action Coalition (POTAC) recognizes that oppression of rights, representation and systemic discrimination exist, and that change begins with each of us. Anti-racism, anti-oppression starts with an awareness of thoughts, language, and actions. These actions include actions that are uncivil. Such awareness should lead to the necessary, but difficult discussions and actions in order to positively change the mental health community and the profession of occupational therapy.

POTAC remains committed to be actively involved working to end racism and to provide social and occupational justice for all marginalized groups. Attacking democracy attacks our occupations as citizens and negatively impacts our rights to engage freely in our occupations without fear or threats of violence.

Please see OTAC’s Statement on January 6, 2021 Rioting at the
United States Capitol